Unique Websites That You Can Update

We create beautiful, bespoke websites that give you an unusual online presence. If you're looking for something a bit different, please get in touch!

About Us

Hello. We are Dudley Rees and Daniel Chisholm. Working from our East London Wibbly Wobbly Website office, we are driven by a passion to make the internet more beautiful!

We specialise in unique websites that convey your personality instantly. We're sure you’ll be aware of how little time people spend reading things on the internet (most people don't read this far down the page!) so the language of our websites is vivaciously visual and excitingly interactive.

We're a friendly and helpful team who believe that just because the industry is full of jargon, it doesn't mean your experience of web design needs to be difficult. We're ready to talk about your ideas in human terms.


We offer everything you could possibly need to take your website from even the vaguest idea to a fully functioning site online. If you don’t know too much about the process of launching a website, don’t worry, we’re here to contribute to your project and show you to all the possibilities along the way. The process starts with a chat via email or phone where we’ll try and get a fairly good idea of what you need so we can give you a quote. If you’d like to work together then we’ll come and meet you (by train if necessary) and have an in-depth chat so we can understand exactly what we’re creating.

Dan will then begin drawing up some designs. He’ll probably produce 3 or 4 to begin with, offering a range of ideas. You can then select one that he’ll take as inspiration for further drafts. Once you agree on a final design and Dan’s mocked up all of the pages we’ll ask you to sign them off.

Dudley can then begin the process of slicing the designs up and turning them into a working website. We can show you this process at a secret address on the internet before the site has gone public. Once you’re happy, we’ll launch the website and you can start telling the world of your new internet presence.

The Science bit: We code in XHTML 1.0 Strict – a sign of true quality. We use CSS, PHP and a touch of javascript too. We don’t use Flash anymore (unless you specifically want it) because it doesn’t work on iPads and annoys people.

What so many people really need, is a site that they can update themselves. Nothing complicated and nothing expensive. You may have noticed the Login button in our menu, that allows our clients to access their “Updates Page” - a bespoke and private place on the web where they can update their site’s content. An example could be instantly adding a news item, adjusting a timetable, launching the month’s special offer or changing the soup du jour.

Many web developers will offer you a pre-made “Content Management System” (you’ll read about Word Press and Joomla). Whilst these systems can be great, we still think they’re too complex for most peoples' experiences. Our Updates Page is clear, simple and only allows you to do what’s needed, without the opportunities to break the website.

We’ll ensure your website continues to feel as fresh and relevant as it did on launch day, without you ever having to read a manual.

We can provide you with everything you need; an internet address, an email account and space to put your files…

Once you have your new website you’ll need a plot of metaphorical land to build on, online. We’ll sort out your desired address, “www.something.com” and some space, and even set up your email address on a program like Outlook Express or Mac Mail.

We own a large server with a company called UK2 and we rent out that space to our clients. Because we’re sharing, it’s cheap. We charge £45 per year for a domain name, an email address and space on the server. Because it’s managed by us, we can be very quick in deploying what’s needed.

All of our websites come with these great features as standard: Google Analytics, which sends you a weekly report on who’s been visiting the site and where from. We’ll also provide you with a Search Engine optimisation plan. This will help you climb the rankings in Google. We’ll test your website on all the major browsers and make sure it’s looking great.

In other words, don’t worry about getting your domain name and storage, we’ll do it.

There's very little we can't do, and our experience has taken us through all manner of technical genre, from multi-media to newsletters to email footers.

If there's any request we can't achieve in-house, then we can always call on our fantastic friends for inspiration:

Mara Vojnovic - Brand design and logos

James Lucas - Spliced

Moritz Schmittat - Composer

We Are Hotcakes - Animation and Graphics

Joe Fairbrother - Code man

Vanessa Johnson - Photography

If you have any questions, please drop us a message on the contact page.